2. I’m a terrible person to deal with when I’m not at peace with myself.

  3. Every one whom I told about my resignation had the same reaction.

    " Getting married be taitai ah?"

    I WISH.
    I WISH.
    I WISH.


     olivia palermo 

  10. Last night, I got a gift in a Chanel bag.
    I didn’t dare to open it.

  11. All Smiles

    He laughs a lot I realised.
    When he’s not laughing, he’s usually smiling.
    Or rolling his eyes.

    I can be very particular about things like that - like how his teeth looks perfect whenever he’s got this super hearty laugh and I catch it from his left profile.

    Other times, we break into silly giggles just doing nothing, or when we catch a glimpse of each other unexpectedly.
    I grin so much I think I look like a joke.

    This is what I meant.
    With such ease, I am always calm and patient, and I never knew I had such great capacity to give in, just live in the moment (that moment), and not be concerned with what comes after, or what’s going on outside of the time we spend together.





  13. Calm and Ease

    Little things that I’ve noticed over this period of time.
    You’re brought up so well, and there’s so much misconception about you as a person (or so I choose to believe)

    I tend to push the limits when it comes to people I care about, because I want to know that yes, they’re capable of being patient with me as well.
    You are - always civil, always calm, always reasonable when dealing with me. 

    People see the the ugliest side of you and think that I’m crazy. I agree with them and never once defended you cuhs that’s a fact. 

    Neither will I share about how wonderful you can be, they don’t have to know. It’s best that they don’t, so I can remain in this calm and be a happy airy fairy without fearing that history will not repeat itself.



  14. April is always good.
    As always.



  15. My style — it’s black, and it’s expensive.
    — Matt Healy, The 1975   (via chivalry-happens)

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